"Jece's haircuts give me lots of good hair days!" ~ Jessica O Madison
"I've been going to Jece for 5 years. I've never doubted coming back, and haven't gone anywhere else since, even since I've been living on the east coast for college. Not only does she do a great job on my hair, she is so friendly and I love going to see her!" -Mary Daly
"I would like to say that my whole life only two other people have been allowed to cut my hair and I wouldn't ever let anyone else cut it since I met Jece!" -Ana B Madison
"I've been with Jece for years now. I never know quite how I want my hair to be cut when I go in for my hair appointments, so I tell Jece to just start cutting and create some style for me. To this day, I've never had a hair cut I wasn't completely in love with. Thank you Jece for all the effort that you put into making me look beautiful. You truly are amazing at what you do." -Matty D Madison
"Jece makes me look sexier than I really am!" -Bobby G Madison
"I have been going to Jece for more than 3 years. Jece colors and cuts my hair and does an amazing job. I am extremely happy with the result. She is always pleasant, I love to talk to her and she is real professional on her work. I also think all the asian international students would love her, she is amazing at asian hair. I have to say that I have never been dissatisfied with the service." -Heeseung Choi
"Jece is an awesome stylist. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable even when you've never met her before. The conversation never runs dry and before you know it, you have the new hair do you've been talking about. She's always willing to give advice & try adventurous styles, she's my favorite stylist to go to in Madison." -Gina D Madison
"It was an article in Madison Magazine that brought me to Jece. I liked what she said about being a stylist. Three years later I am still going to her. I love her creativity along with her precision cuts. She's the best." -Patricia Hellegers